Limit cocktails to celebrate safe get-togethers

Limit cocktails to celebrate safe get-togethers

Overall, alcohol has become an intrinsic part of any culture, particularly when it comes to celebrating special occasions, such as get-togethers, parties, etc. While some follow the traditional blends, for others such events become a significant occasion to experiment with various alcoholic drinks and come up with interesting and innovative cocktails.

Cocktails are not only good to taste, but are also considered safer than alcohol. Cocktails are a mix of alcohol and juices. The idea behind a cocktail is to prepare a drink that can give the feel of alcohol, while at the same time does not affect so adversely like hard drinks.

While some of the popular cocktails served during festivities and celebrations are mentioned below, it is important to note that a cocktail is just another form of drink containing alcohol. Moreover, one should not forget that the consumption of alcohol is always hazardous to health, which needs to be avoided to the best possible extent. Some of the most common cocktails that are part of festivities are given below:

Christmas party punch

Besides being a special offering for the ginger lovers, this cocktail perfectly blends brandy, Jim Beam and rum to give an exotic taste.

Cranberry Ginger Cocktail

A blend of vodka, ginger beer and cranberries is all that this drink needs. Also known as “Santa’s Moscow Mule,” it is one of the simplest cocktails to make. By adding cranberries, one can give the tangy taste to the drink.

The Christmas Cosmo                 

The official drink from the past is the ideal drink for proposing a toast while celebrating get-togethers, especially with the loved ones and friends. The drink offers a perfect blend of vodka, lemon juice and orange liqueur.

Peppermint White Chocolate Latte

Here is a perfect drink for the coffee sniffers. It’s a cocktail that gives one the pleasure of the coffee along with the effect of alcohol. 

Cranberry Mojitos

A subtle twist to the all-time favorite mojito. One can try giving a cranberry twist to the usual drink in any of the get-togethers to make them refreshing.

Ensure alcohol-free get-togethers

The good taste, less quantity of alcohol, and addition of fruits and other ingredients do not make cocktails any less harmful. While people consider moderate drinking as harmless, no amount of alcohol is good for health.

With alcohol becoming an inevitable part of any celebration and get-together, as well as a way to break the ice with others, drinking has largely become unavoidable for many. However, one should avoid heavy drinking as it will not only spoil the occasion but can also push him or her toward alcoholism. This can be true even if one is only sticking to cocktails. It is always important to remember that there is no safe limit to alcohol. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the people to take care of their consumption.

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