Oregon baffled by rising rates of alcohol and drug abuse

Oregon baffled by rising rates of alcohol and drug abuse

The United States has been battling drug abuse since ages. Sadly, there has been no respite for the country as the menace only seems to be growing with every passing year. This is not the first blow that the US as a whole is experiencing.

Unfortunately, despite the stringent measures and earnest efforts by the government to curb the supply and consumption of illicit substances, the incidences of substance abuse are notoriously rising. The high rates of deaths caused due to overdoses, suicidal attempts and transmitted diseases have further exacerbated the problem.

Understanding Oregon’s SUD problem

To add to the woes, a recent report by the Oregon Substance Use Disorder Research Committee revealed the rising epidemic of alcohol and drug abuse in the state of Oregon. In fact, alcohol and drug abuse has emerged as the largest public health challenge confronting the residents of Oregon. With one out of every 10 Oregonians battling an addiction of drugs or alcohol, the state is incurring an additional cost of about $6 billion a year in everything from policing to health care.

One can estimate the magnitude of the problem by the fact that over two-thirds of Orgenonians are aware of a friend or family member grappling with substance use disorder (SUD). Moreover, the problem of substance abuse is not limited to a particular population, rather stretches across rural population, youngsters, LGBT, homeless, etc.

Although the root cause of the growth rates is being explored by experts and researchers, the lack of awareness and education is considered to one of the prime factors responsible for triggering the surge. Additionally, insufficient social services, medical aids and assistance facilities for the people suffering from an addiction play a significant role in continuing the unwelcomed increase.

In comparison to other states, the state of Oregon has more fragmented and underfunded statewide substance abuse prevention programs. As a result, both personal and societal costs due to substance abuse has been consistently rising.

Amidst the research and highlights, the report importantly restated the need to destigmatize addiction and recommended to treat the condition as a disease. Currently, as per the findings, it could be concluded that most affected are people who are deprived of the social services like education, housing, and employment. “It can’t be cured easily, but with the medical attention, it can be controlled. And that should be the goal of our intervention,” added the report.

Ways to reverse Oregon’s substance abuse epidemic

In order to improve the lives of Oregonians, people are recommended to address the challenge of substance abuse right in the beginning, particularly childhood and adolescence. It should be considered as a disease rather than a stigma to encourage people to discuss about their problems without any hesitation and avail treatment.

There is a need to stop practicing the traditional ways based on threat and incarceration to reverse the rising epidemic of substance abuse. Instead, people should should implement early intervention and preventive measures and improve physician practices. Since the problem is more prevalent among those from poor socioeconomic background, it is essential to ensure that SUD treatment is accessible by everyone.

The government should ensure that appropriate care is available to all, irrespective of their insurance. Moreover, medical practitioners must recognize the close relationship between treatment and the culture of the patients. It has been widely observed that only culturally appropriate treatment programs succeed in treating SUD.

Other concrete remedial measures include increasing the funding of the evidence-based prevention programs, implementing geographically accessible services, creating a statewide hotline for easy access to medical and social services, following best pratices in prescribing drugs, etc.

Road to recovery is possible

Addiction to substances like of alcohol or illicit drugs has grown common in every state of the U.S.Along with the efforts made to increase awareness among the masses, it is equally important to open more facilities and recovery centers to offer appropriate services and treatment to the individuals afflicted with SUD.

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