Warning signs of addiction in loved ones

Warning signs of addiction in loved ones

Recently, a post went viral on the Facebook, which portrayed a young, pretty redhead, clicking photos of herself in exotic locations across the world and posting them on Instagram. She quickly notched up a huge following, with people commenting and liking her endless stream of pictures and envying her perfect life. Louise Delage, as she was called, soon became an Instagram celebrity and a well-known fashion blogger. But what people didn’t know was that the account was fake and the woman never existed.

The model in the pictures was hired by BETC, Paris, an advertising agency, for the campaign, “Like my addiction.” The idea was to create awareness about alcohol abuse among young people. The BETC president Stephane Xiberras said that the drive was to identify signs of addiction in loved ones, whether a friend, a child or parents. It is often difficult to detect the addiction problem in loved ones, whom one meets every day, simply because one would never suspect it.

As part of  the campaign, the model posted pictures on Instagram featuring a glass of alcohol, even when she was relaxing at home or traveling across the world. It depicted the lonelier side of the woman, despite a seemingly perfect life in a superficial sense.

Detecting alcohol addiction in loved ones

Today, people are well-connected with their loved ones through the social media, but still, it can be difficult to detect any addiction problem in them. Often, alcohol addiction can have roots in adolescence when one experiments with the drug out of curiosity. Alternatively, an underlying mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression, can also push someone to abuse alcohol. Many times, social drinking can turn into heavy drinking when the body starts getting used to the high that alcohol can provide. Or someone may start abusing alcohol to face difficulties or avoid feeling bad due to some circumstance in life.

Whatever may be the case, it is important for a  person to spot signs of alcohol addiction in a loved one at the earliest. Here are six signs that may indicate an addiction to alcohol:

  1. Developing high tolerance for alcohol: Often people who turn alcoholic gradually start to build a tolerance toward alcohol. In fact, such people can drink excessive amounts of alcohol without feeling intoxicated.
  2. Hiding alcohol: If one finds that a loved one is hiding a bottle of alcohol in unlikely places such as at home or school or even at work, it could be a sign that he or she is either an alcoholic or about to turn into one.
  3. Avoiding one’s responsibilities: One of the surest signs of a person in trouble is when they start avoiding or missing out on commitments that he or she should be fulfilling. This includes turning up late for work or school or absenteeism.
  4. Sudden mood swings: Alcohol addiction can turn a person emotional and irrational. People who drink heavily may often suffer from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, personality changes, etc.
  5. Avoiding activities that promote sobriety: Anything that takes away an alcoholic from his or her drink is unacceptable for that person. Since going without alcohol for long can cause withdrawal symptoms, a person with an alcohol problem will always avoid such situations.
  6. Risky behavior: A person addicted to alcohol loses his or her self-control and judgment and this can lead to indulging in risky behavior, including drunk driving.

Alcohol-free life is possible

Alcohol addiction cannot be wished away without making any effort. It needs the support of professionals who are trained to help people get sober. If a loved one is showing signs of alcohol addiction, contact the Alcohol Addiction Helpline of California to get in touch with the best alcohol rehab centers in California. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 855-980-1715 or chat online with our representatives to get the best treatments for alcohol addiction.

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